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Simple Vintage Crossbody Bag

Simple Vintage Crossbody Bag

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Elevate your style effortlessly with our Simple Vintage Crossbody Bag! 🌟 Seamlessly blending fashion and functionality, it's the perfect accessory for any occasion. Bid farewell to bulky bags and embrace timeless elegance with a touch of nostalgia.


  • Dual Shoulder Straps: Customize your look with two versatile shoulder straps - one classic leather and another intricately embroidered, offering style adaptability for any occasion.

  • Efficient Organization: Multiple compartments ensure tidy storage for essentials like smartphones, wallets, keys, and cosmetics, keeping you stylishly organized on the go.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality leather, this crossbody bag exudes luxury while being durable and easy to maintain, promising longevity and style

  • Timeless Vintage Design: Simple yet elegant vintage aesthetics add a nostalgic charm to modern wardrobes, elevating your style with a hint of timeless sophistication and retro flair.
  • Adjustable Straps: Enjoy customizable comfort with adjustable straps, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your body and preferred carrying style, whether over the shoulder or crossbody.

  • Secure Closure: A secure closure mechanism ensures your belongings stay safe and sound while you're on the move, offering peace of mind and security wherever you go.
  • Versatile Styling: Transition seamlessly from casual outings to formal events with this versatile bag, effortlessly complementing various outfits and enhancing your overall look with its timeless appeal.

  • Available in Multiple Colors: Choose from a range of sophisticated hues including Black, Green, Dark Yellow, Brown, and Coffee, allowing you to express your personal style with ease and elegance.


  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Lining: Polyester
  • Shape: Square
  • Dimension : 25 * 10 * 20 cm 
  • Style: Retro


  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Keep away from water.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Handle gently to avoid damage.
  • Enjoy your stylish accessory!


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